Employee to Mommy

Being a mom has to be one of the best experiences of my life thus far. Waking up next to my beautiful little blue eyed, smiling baby girl is absolutely the best part of my day. Of course, it is hard adjusting from a full time employee to a full time mom, but she is beyond worth it. Let me just give you an idea of exactly how much my life has changed since my daughter was born two months ago.

To begin, let me take you back to a typical day in my shoes right before I found out I was pregnant. As I have mentioned, I was a full time employee just like the majority of people are nowadays. After working at my job for right at four years, I had finally gotten my foot in the door with the higher ups and was on my way to moving up the chain of command. I work at a grocery store, just to give you a better idea of things, well I was working in a temporary management position when I was told that the higher ups were throwing me into a department manager training program. Two days before I went into the program, I took a pregnancy test and sure enough, it was positive. “Pregnant! how, why now, what am I going to do?”, those were just a few of the thoughts I had when I saw those two pink lines appear right before my eyes, as well as the following six tests that I felt like I needed to take because one just wasn’t enough. Anyway, I took my first test on Wednesday and started the training program on Friday.

At first, I did not want to tell my new manager that I was pregnant because I was afraid that I would be removed from the program immediately, but I decided it would be for the best. Its not that the produce department – department I was training to take over – is extremely physically demanding, but it does require the ability to lift up to 50 pounds, while doctors recommend lifting no more than 25 while pregnant. So, I decided telling my manager would be in the best interest of myself and my unborn baby. Of course I had just met this man but he was super excited for me, he himself has four children of his own. With the program I was in, I moved around a lot – four stores within four months to be exact. Once my district supervisor realized that some stores were too fast paced for me, he put me back at my home store.

Upon arrival at my home store, I was told that they needed a cake decorator so that’s where I would be placed since I had gone through the classes to become a certified cake decorator. And just like that, I was removed from the training program and put into a less stressful position because they felt that my pregnancy would affect my ability to be a successful manager. I became extremely terrified of what else would happen and started to feel as if my career was being put on hold because I was pregnant. You have to understand that up until that point in my life, my job was the most important thing to me. I had worked so hard to make a name for myself and after all of my hardwork, I got thrown back to the bottom of the totem pole.

Fast forward about four months to the week before mine and my boyfriend’s daughter was born. We had less than a week to decide what I was going to do in regards to work. Was I going to quit, go down to part time, only work on his days off? We still had so much to figure out. Regardless of if I went back to work or not, I knew that I wanted to go back for a few weeks. I was/am unsure of how our maternity leave policy works and I wanted to make sure I would not have to pay anything back for any reason. I knew that maternity leave was paid, but no one ever said anything about the terms and conditions surrounding it. Anyway, I have/had a total of eight weeks of maternity leave before I did go back to work this past saturday. Luckily I have my vacation time, so I am using all of that before I go back to work for a solid two weeks.

The eight straight weeks that I have spent with my daughter have been amazing, but stressful, nerve wrecking, etc. – more to come about my postpartum recovery at a later date – all in all, completely worth it. For now, I decided to go back last Saturday for two full weeks to see if I can handle full time and let my boyfriend use the last two weeks of paternity leave with bonding with our daughter. I will most likely still end up going down to one or two days a week so we don’t have to put our daughter in daycare. We shall see.

Feel free to leave any comments, messages, any feedback at all.

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