Why do you wish to treat me so?

As if you desire this pain I feel.

When everything around me seems unreal.

The one person who I thought would remain true,

left me to drown in a deep sea of blue.

And when I thought the waves would subside,

you just watched me as I cried.

Though I will never forget the pain I felt,

I must carry on with this hand I was dealt.

An original by Kellie Dixon. Not for use by another person.

This poem means so much to me. It is silly, but I came up with this one in high school, as well. There was a couple really close to me who were fighting almost constantly. They were on the verge of breaking up.. actually they did kind of break up a lot. If nothing else, they fought quiet a bit, but in the end things worked out great for them. I loved this poem so much that I actually ended up painting it on my wall at my parent’s house. This poem conveys so much of my feelings at the time. I really hope anyone that reads this feels the deep, heartfelt emotion I poured into it.

Any thoughts, opinions, ideas? Feel free to comment.

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