Its late, its late, its half passed eight

I’ve stayed too long within these gates

I must scurry and set off in a hurry

I’m late, I’m late I musn’t contemplate

The iron gates in which I am held

Will soon be barred from within its cell

Its late Its late I really must go

For I do not know what awaits me so

An original by Kellie Dixon

This one came to me my senior year of high school. Me and some of my little cousins were going to go watch Alice in Wonderland when it came out in theaters and this just kind of hit me. I thought about the rabbit that carries around the pocket watch. I know I mildly changed the tone of it right at the end, but I ran out of things that rhymed and flowed together.

Thoughts, comments, opinions, feel free to leave any and all feedback. Thanks in advance

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