If My Life Were A Tv Show

First off, let me begin by saying that I don’t just sit around fantasizing about having a different life because I don’t. I am so happy, fortunate, and blessed to have the life that I do, I just imagine what it would be like if I had grown up in a tv show. There are so many tv shows that I would love if they were my real life, such as, Supernatural, Boy Meets World, Doctor Who, etc. The show that I really wish my life had been like, is 7TH Heaven. There are so many good, admirable things about that show.

If I had to pick a favorite character I would probably pick…Annie Camden. I would say Annie because of how strong of a women she is. She is not only a mother to seven children, but also an engineer, homemaker, accountant, and so many many more things. Seriously, the list goes on and on with the many things that supermom Annie Camden is capable of. Not that I plan on having more than three children, but if I do, I hope I am as good at managing everything as her character is. Even if I only have the one child, I aspire to be as good at everything as her character is.

I think that viewers can take away good family values, strong morales, and a better understand of how important faith can be to some families. For people like me who are going back and rewatching all of the seasons, I think they can see just how much times have changed. The thing that I liked and noticed the most after going back and rewatching the show, is how much simplier life used to be only twenty years ago. I love how they hardly ever watched televison because they were always busy doing sports, church activities, or hanging out with each other. I honestly think that the show 7th Heaven could teach young adults today a lesson or two.

Please feel free to let me know what your favorite show or movie is. Any thoughts, comments, opinions. Please and thank you.

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