Do We Actually Know What Love Is?

Have you ever stopped to think about it? We are so quick to tell our children, significant others, friends, etc. that we love them, but what is love actually? To me personally, I am unsure that “love” is a feeling. Take, for example, a baby. A baby grows up around people telling them they are loved, but why… Why?

What if love is just a feeling of dependence or not wanting to be alone? Do you “love” your significant other or have you just grown extremely dependent on them? You depend on them for happiness, to help co-parent, or to help with the bills. Granted they might still give you butterflies, but are they truly the only one who can do that?

I guess I should probably mention that I took a few philosophy and psychology classes through high school into college. I am very big on learning about what factors, internally and externally, influence a person’s way of thinking.

Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts or opinions. I like hearing varying perspectives.

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